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Hello there, families of The Children’s Place!

This page is intended for us to all keep informed of the goings-on at the school, including schedules, volunteer information, getting in touch with each other, news, etc.

If there is some information you would specifically like to see on this page, please Click here to send an email.

Also, if you are a Children’s Place parent who would like to receive school updates via email, please submit your email in the Newsletter Sign-Up on the right. (Your email address will never be shared–it is solely for inter-school communication).


Join the inter-school email list!

We’ve created an email list that families of the school can subscribe to. Its purpose is so that Ms. Richards and parent volunteers can email other parents to let you know about things going on at the school, and because it is a subscriber email list, any parent on the list can send an email to the list, to communicate with other parents.

Don’t worry–your email list will NEVER be shared with anyone–not even other parents at the school–unless you specifically send an email to the list, in which case your email address would appear in your sent email.

If you would like to be added to the list, send an email to and request to be added. Then, you will receive periodic updates about upcoming events at the school.


The Children’s Place is now on Facebook!

We’ve created a Facebook page for you to “Like”, and help spread the word about our wonderful school. Increasing enrollment for the preschool/toddler campus would be wonderful, and also just having a place where we can all keep in touch is great too! So, please hit the “Like” button to see status updates, photos, and feel free to start or continue on the Discussions page or on the Wall! And please help spread the word!


VOLUNTEERING: The More We Pull Together, The More the Children Win:

We are asking each family this year to donate 10 hours of time to help make the school a better place for your children. This time can be spread out over the course of the year but just like drops in the proverbial bucket, if everyone volunteers just a bit at a time, we can make a big difference.

Following is a partial list of volunteer opportunities we could really uyse your help with. The activities run the gamut from our weekly classroom laundry to larger projects like painting and gardening projects. As new porjects become available, we will add them to our list and post them in the classroom.

The school will supply all materials and/or reimbursement for any shopping trips.

Please sign up in the school office at the preschool, or with Ms. Richards at the Elementary School.

Parent Volunteer Coordinator (this job could be held temporarily or shared between several parents)

Weekly Items:
— Snack food shopping (2 hours per turn)
— Classroom laundry (1.5 hours per turn)

Monthly or Occasional Items:
— Pet Supply Purchases (1 hour per trip) — Guinea pig at the elementary, and turtle and rabbits at toddler/primary
— Dish Wash (Elementary, see Ms. Jenquin for details)

Larger Multi-Person Projects:
— Planning for outdoor space redesign
— Planning for 10th anniversary school picnic in October 2008

Current Projects Pending:
— Parent Gift Catalog for Montessori Services, Coordinator
— Picnic Table painting (both campuses)
— Sewing curtains for Primary/Toddler storage room
— Sewing curtains for Elementary bathroom storage shelves
— Sewing dust cover for Elementary Hierarchy of Numbers Work
— Book repair
— Coordinator for spring bulb fundraiser
— Coordinator for Elementary “Crossing Over” Ceremony in June (see Ms. Richards-Jenquin)

Will be announced as dates are determined:
— Field trip chaperones/drivers for Elementary trips
— School picture day coordinator (helping students on picture day)

See something you think you can help with that is not on this list? Let us know! We love to find out about untapped talents among our families. :)

Following is a list of donations we are always happy to accept:
— Used printer/copier cartridges or used cell phones (we recycle them for funds)
— Scratch paper (used on one side is OK)
— Plastic bags (for those wet clothes we have to send home occasionally)
— Greens for our rabbits, guinea pigs and hermit crab (carrot tops, kale ribs, cauliflower leaves, etc)
— Plants for our gardens



We love to make your child the center of attention for his/her birthday. We love to have family come and join us for our brief “ceremony” in the 3-6 class or “timeline of my life” in the Elementary. We have a very specific approach to birthdays which help the Montessori student feel special in the classroom, but also focus on their passage through time and the process of growing up.

Cakes and cupcakes and other sugary treats, goodie bags to give away are all great fun for children at their private birthday celebrations, but they are not appropriate at school and distract from the focus on the child to the focus on the food. In addition to these considerations, we do have some significant dietary differences among our families, and some allergy issues as well. We also have children who have significant and unpleasant reactions to refined sugar. For these reasons, we clearly and emphatically state that no sugary treats should come to school with a child on his/her birthday. We as parents sometimes assume children will be disappointed if we don’t provide sweet treats to our children, but years of experience have shown us that if we don’t build up the idea of sugary treats at a school birthday, they are simply not missed by the students. We appreciate your consideration and thoughtfulness in saving theses things for a personal celebration. At school we welcome fruit treats (try pineapple and strawberry kabobs) or muffins. If in doubt, please check with a lead teacher privately before the day of the celebration. This saves our kind-hearted teachers a great deal of anguish and frustration, and avoid disappointment for your birthday-boy or birthday-girl. Thank you!

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