Our Programs

Toddler Program

Our Toddler program is designed for the child 18 months–3 years. It is an excellent “pre-Montessori” program for a child who is not yet ready for our preschool environment.







Primary Program

Our Primary program is suitable for children from about 3 –6 years of age. In keeping with Dr. Montessori’s discoveries about the optimal environment for children in this period of development, we have a mixed-age classroom. The younger children are fascinated and motivated by the more advanced activities of the older children and the older children learn a great deal by serving as mentors to the younger ones. The optimal cycle for a program of this sort is a full 3 years for ages 3–6 (including the Kindergarten year). We accept children at any age in that range—provided they are ready to benefit from a Montessori program.


Elementary Program

Our Elementary program is for students in the 1st–6th grades. In the elementary years, Montessori continues to offer each student a personal and individualized curriculum within an atmosphere where community values are stressed. The intellectual and social spheres of the elementary child are expanding greatly, and the elementary program reflects these changes.

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