Our Staff

Here is our roster of the staff here at The Children’s Place (in alphabetical order):

Dolores Castillo, “Ms. Dolores” has been at The Children’s Place for 7 years. She works with the toddlers and has been a Toddler teacher for over 15 years. She is particularly fond of this age group. She is a mom as well, and enjoys visiting her family in MIchigan and also has family in the Philippines. Prior to teaching she worked as a certified RN. She loves animals, especially dogs!

Katerria Hill, “Ms. Katerria” has been teaching at The Children’s Place for 8 years. She works with the Primary age children, ensuring that the classroom is running smoothly so the students can experience all that Montessori has to offer. She runs our early bird opening shift and helps to prepare the classroom for the activities of the day. Ms. Katerria has worked with both Elementary and Toddler ages as well. Her daughter is a student in our 3-6 program!

Ronald Hill, “Mr. Hill” (no relation to Ms. Katerria!) will be joining the elementary class again this year as our P.E. instructor. Mr. Hill was a big hit with the elementary students last year and we’re pleased he’s back. He is also an instructor and coach at the Torrance YMCA.

Precious Johnson, “Ms. Precious” has been teaching at The Children’s Place for 8 years. Ms. Precious is the school’s Assistant Director and Lead Montessori Teacher. During her time with us she has completed her AA degree and is an AMS-trained Montessori Teacher for Primary (3-6 y/o) students. She has worked also with the Elementary School students, and her son was a student with us from toddler years through 5th grade. Ms. Precious is also interested in photography and is a talented artist.

Primrose Murray, “Ms. Primrose” taught with us here at the Children’s Place in 2001 and came out of retirement several years ago to join us part-time in the Elementary school. She has her 3-6 y/o Montessori training through AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) in her native Sri Lanka. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, who live nearby.

Jennifer Richards, “Ms. Richards” is the director and co-founder of The Children’s Place, established in 1998. She earned her BA degree from Bryn Mawr College. Her Primary Montessori training was through MCI (Montessori Centre International) and her Elementary Montessori Training is through AMS. She has worked with both Toddlers and Primary students over the years and is now the Elementary Montessori teacher for the 1st-6th grade class. She also teaches music at both the Primary and Elementary schools. Her eldest son is the first graduate of our elementary program, and her younger son is a student in our 5th grade class.


We are also extremely grateful to have the following Elementary parent volunteers continuing this year. Both are teaching professionals and are an invaluable addition to our program.

Linda Okimoto – Art
Rebecca Schraener-Klinenberg – Spanish

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